Welcome to Galuv, where every single member of our team follows the motto “Aim For The Top!”.

Our goal is to make a small step every day towards a better world, and that is why we created this brand.

We want your technological experience to absolutely change with just a couple of clicks on our website!

Nowadays, we take our phones everywhere and use them as an essential part of our life. From using it as a camera to research a topic, or even to figure out where to buy that bottle of wine for that special occasion, or to let your parents know you are coming over for lunch.

And since phones play such an important part in our life, our brand recognizes the importance of keeping them risk-free, safe and protected in case they fall, so that they stay impeccable seeming you just bought it! It is such a huge responsibility for us to provide you with high-quality accessories that keep your phone’s brand-new appearance.

Besides that, we want our customers to have an incredible technological experience. For that, we take our amazing accessories to you, so that you can personalize your smartphone. We understand that now more than ever they are means of expressing our personality and our emotions. For instance, if you are an extrovert person, you have lots of colorful cases to choose from on our catalog. If on the contrary you are a shy person, you can always choose a case from our most discreet ones. It’s up to you!

To conclude, we would like to thank you for trusting in us to customize and protect such an important device as your smartphone from all the threats it's exposed to on a daily basis.


António | Founder & CEO